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Sense Alteration

The hero can deliberately change the manner in which a target either receives sensory stimuli processes it within the brain. The simplest form negates 1 or more of the senses, producing instant blindness, deafness, numbness, and so on. More complex is the ability to modify the senses. The hero can amplify some elements and negate others. For example, the hero might make a target literally see red (and only red).

The most complex form is Hallucinations. By a Mn Intensity FEAT, the hero can transfer sensory informatic to others, making everyone share a common set of perceptions. These may be the hero's, or someone else's.

Sensory negation takes a Ty Intensity FEAT; sensory alteration takes a Rm Intensity FEAT.

The Power rank determines the range and duration of the effects.

Range: Column A.