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Mind Transferral

The hero has the ability to switch minds from 1 body to another. The hero's own mind and body need not be included in any switching that occurs. The Power operates much like Mental Duplication, in that the hero reshapes the brains of his targets to conform to those he is switching. In effect, the target believes he is the switched mind and thus effectively is that new person. The accuracy of such transfers is 100%. Because of the nature of this Power, the hero can also transfer 1 mind into several people simultaneously, with each believing he is the real person. Transferral switches mental abilities, Talents, and mental Powers. Physical Powers are not transferred, nor are physical abilities, Popularity, Resources, or Contacts. The Power rank determines the range at which the Power can initially function and the duration of its effects. Duration is given for a single mind-to-mind transfer. If the hero attempts to transfer 1 mind to multiple bodies, the duration decreases -2CS for each additional body.

Range: Column A